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LapTimer Editions

LapTimer is available in three editions named Rookie, Petrolhead, and GrandPrix. Editions define the set of functionality provided, and address different requirement levels. On the stores, you will see the three editions as seperate apps. When buying LapTimer, you select kind of an "entry point". In case you want to upgrade later, you can load upgrades available from within the app: follow LapTimer ‣ Administration ‣ Add-ons and you will find the upgrades available right in the top. E.g. if buying LapTimer Petrolhead Edition initially, you can upgrade to the LapTimer GrandPrix Edition feature set later.

To help to find your personal entry point, here are the editions in short. For iOS, we add our free technology demo Harry's GPS/OBD Buddy to the list. Buddy is based on Harry's LapTimer and can be used to get an impression of our line of apps. NB: Buddy is no lap timing software! 



All you need to start racing!

  • Time and data record your laps out of the box
  • Support for dozens of external GPS and OBD sensors
  • State of the art predictive lap timing
  • Repository of more than 1000 tracks world wide   
  • Upgradeable to Petrolhead and Grand Prix editions

Designed for

  • occasional users
  • users not interested in video, but full data recording
  • those who want to the LapTimer edition later

$ 8.99


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For the petrol heads out there!

  • Everything from Rookie Edition
  • Video recording and overlaying (including Picture in Picture)
  • Realtime / Online View showing your peers
  • Enhanced data analytics
  • Full range of timer and specialized views

Designed for

  • regular track day users wanting more functionality 
  • amatur racers
  • those focussed on video recording and overlay

$ 19.99 | UPGRADE ROOKIE $ 12.99


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Available in selected markets only!

  • Same functionality as Petrolhead
  • Free download to see data and lap times in real time
  • Buy on demand model, pay for days you drive
  • To analyse data or overlay videos, day passes are available
  • App can be upgraded to Petrolhead (all recordings unlocked)

Designed for

  • users focussing on a small number of intensive track days
  • users who want to test functionality before buying a full edition.
  • In case you visit tracks regularly, Petrolhead is recommended!

DAY PASS $ 4.99 | 3 DAY PASSES $ 12.99


app store


Best LapTimer you can think of!

  • Everything from Petrolhead and Rookie Editions
  • Professional sensor support (>20 Hz GPS, engine data)
  • Video reference lap comparison
  • MultiCam for iOS devices, GoPro HERO and Sony cams
  • Even more enhanced data analytics

Designed for

  • serious semi-pros and professional racers
  • those who want to get the max out of their device
  • LapTimer fans really burning

$ 27.99 | UPGRADE PETROLHEAD $ 9.99


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Prices shown are the current prices for the U.S. AppStore. They may vary for your country depending on exchange rates, VAT,  and other taxes. As far as possible, we set the same prices for apps and in app purchases for iOS and Android. 

Mover Support

Just like we offer edition upgrades to match growing requirements of our users, we want to support platform movers. In case you have one edition for iOS or Android already, we offer a 30% refund on Android or iOS purchases up to that edition. To receive that refund, please send both store receipts (Apple and Google) plus a PayPal account we can transfer the refund to. Please understand we cannot transfer licenses cross app eco systems. Background: app licenses are maintained by Google and Apple; both do not support license transfers for obvious reasons. The refund above is 50% of the revenue we receive after Apple and Google took they royalities for using their stores.

Stores and Distribution

All LapTimer editions are available on Apple's AppStore for iOS and on PlayStore for Android. We support the major stores only. It is not possible to distribute our apps through other channels.

Upgrade Policy

LapTimer is probably the app with the most free updates seen in the app universe. We are committed to continuously add features and make each app version even more enjoyable. Although we have added new editions on top of our portfolio in the past (and will probably do again), you will never be asked to pay again for functionality you purchased in the past.

Please support this strategy by recommending us to your friends! Our apps are complete niche compared to  main stream apps showing up on the store's top lists. So word of mouth is extremely important and will help us to provide you with great stuff regularly. Thanks a lot! 

Extended Refund Policy

Due to the comparable low prices for apps, refund policies are restricted for both Apple's AppStore and Google's PlayStore. As we take care to have satisfied customers only, we offer an extended refund policy for Harry's LapTimer:

In case you are not satisfied with LapTimer because you can't get it working, please start by sending a problem report to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will clarify on the issue and propose steps to get LapTimer working. In case this doesn't resolve the issue within one iteration, and in case you still want to pass the app back, we will provide a refund.

Please use Apple's and Google's refund request systems first. Instructions are available for iOS and for Android. In case the request is rejected, or there is another problem, please go through the steps listed below.

As we do not have access to Apple's and Google's client and individual transaction data, we need the following data to process a refund:

  • Your confirmation you applied for a refund using Apple's or Google's system and why it didn't work for you
  • E-mail copy of the receipt you received when purchasing LapTimer
  • For iOS: a PayPal address we can transfer the refund to
  • For Android: order number of your LapTimer purchase (see Google receipt)
  • Your confirmation you will not use LapTimer in the future and have deleted all copies
  • This extended policy is valid up to 4 weeks after purchase.


LapTimer v19.0.15 Android and later are tested to work with Blackberry OS versions 10.3.x and above. Device types tested successfully are the Z10, the Z30 and the Passport. There are actually two smaller limitations compared to a native Android system: you will get an alert Google Play Services are not supported for your device, and you will have no access to Google Maps from within the app. Instead, the Map view is hidden for Blackberry devices. Google requires a certification of Android implementations to allow access to Google Play Services - and Blackberry has obviously not completed their homework here.

The path to get a licensed LapTimer APK for your Blackberry is to purchase it on PlayStore first. In case you haven't, install Snap on your Blackberry next. Instructions how to do this can be found e.g. on BlackBerry Central. Download the licensed APK using Snap afterwards. Please do not install LapTimer APKs from any source other than PlayStore. They are likely crippled and LapTimer has some nasty "protection" mechanisms built in too.

Other Platforms

We love to support as many platforms as possible, but need to balance overall benefit against capacity available. Porting a huge piece of software like LapTimer requires considerable time and cost for a new platform port (Android took more than one "man year"). On top of this, every platform requires continuous maintenance. Every hour we spend on a new platform, is not available to serve our existing user base and to provide new features for LapTimer.

In general, we will tie new platform decisions to platform marketshare (20% and above). Deviations are considered for "the next big thing" innovations only. So thanks for your understanding we can not support Windows Mobile currently. 

Other Apps

Yes, besides branded versions of LapTimer we do not list here (like OMP Racing Suite and MICHELIN Lap Timer), we have more to offer! All of our apps share a common code base an benefit from each other. 

heavyduty camperDyno

For the real performance guys!

  • Performance testing for arbitrary speed ranges 
  • Both accleration and deceleration supported 
  • Utilizes both GPS and OBD sensors 
  • In depth analysis of data recorded
  • Build your database of testing results by vehicle and range

Designed for

  • everyone interested in a car's or motorbike's performance results 
  • LapTimer users who want to maintain data in a separate app
  • drivers who want to optimize their manual shifting capabilities

$ 3.99


app store google store

heavyduty camperCamper

A new star is born, everything a camper needs!

  • Displays tons of data while driving heavy vehicles
  • Tow rating calculator and simulator
  • Two leveling assistants, Apple Watch support 
  • Completely automated road book
  • Checklists, vehicle database, and weather station

Designed for

  • everyone driving heavy vehicle or towing trailers
  • holiday or full time campers, caravans and motor homes
  • next generation campers interested in technology

$ 8.99


app store

gpsobdbuddyGPS/OBD BUDDY

Get insights in driving and dynamics in real time!

  • Displays GPS, acceleration, and OBD data in real time
  • Ergonomic and elegant design
  • Trip computer and max speed monitor included
  • Parking assistant (iOS) and vehicle database
  • Free (Engine / Satellite views available as In-App purchases)

Designed for

  • everyone driving any type of vehicle
  • everyone interested in physics and automotive technologies
  • those that want to have a look into LapTimer look & feel



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Sailors companion!

  • Real time display of sailing dynamics (heeling, speed)
  • Navigation computer
  • Large compass view with bearing, heading, deviation
  • Man over board button
  • Nautic reference included

Designed for

  • sailors and motor boat drivers
  • quick look ups on flags, navigation lights, bouys
  • sailors who want to use their iPhone as backup

$ 2.99


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